Comptroller of Maryland

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Comptroller of the
State of Maryland
Brooke Lierman
since January 16, 2023
Term lengthFour years, no term limit
Inaugural holderPhilip Francis Thomas
FormationMaryland Constitution of 1851

The comptroller of the State of Maryland is Maryland's chief financial officer, elected by the people to a four-year term. The comptroller is not term-limited. The office was established by the second Maryland Constitution of 1851 due to concern about the potential for fraud and corruption in the administration of the public treasury. The constitutional duties of the office begin with the broad mandate to exercise "general superintendence of the fiscal affairs of the State", which includes collecting taxes and maintaining the general ledger. The comptroller (or a deputy) countersigns all checks drawn by the State Treasurer upon the deposits of the State. The comptroller also prescribes the formalities for transfer of other evidence of State debt and countersigns such papers.

In addition, the Comptroller's Office audits taxpayers for compliance, handles delinquent tax collection, and enforces license and unclaimed property laws. The agency publicizes forgotten bank accounts, insurance benefits and other unclaimed assets of taxpayers. Acting as Maryland's chief accountant, the comptroller pays the state's bills, maintains its books, prepares financial reports, and pays its state employees.

List of comptrollers of Maryland[edit]

No. Name Term Party
1 Philip Francis Thomas 1851–1853 Democratic
2 Henry E. Bateman 1853–1854 Democratic
3 William Pinkney Whyte 1854–1856 Democratic
4 William Henry Purnell 1856–1861 Know Nothing
5 Dennis Claude 1861 Democratic
6 Abram Lingan Jarrett 1861–1862 Democratic
7 Samuel Snowden Maffit 1862–1864 National Union (previously Republican)
8 Henry Hollyday Goldsborough 1864 National Union (previously Republican)
9 Robert John Jump 1864–1867 National Union (previously Republican)
10 William James Leonard 1867–1870 Democratic
11 Levin Woolford 1870–1878 Democratic
12 Thomas James Keating 1878–1884 Democratic
13 J. Frank Turner 1884–1888 Democratic
14 L. Victor Baughman 1888–1892 Democratic
15 Marion deKalb Smith 1892–1896 Democratic
16 Robert Patterson Graham 1896–1898 Republican
17 Phillips Lee Goldsborough 1898–1900 Republican
18 Joshua W. Hering 1900–1904 Democratic
19 Gordon T. Atkinson 1904–1908 Democratic
20 Joshua W. Hering 1908–1910 Democratic
21 William B. Clagett 1910–1911 Democratic
22 Charles H. Stanley 1911–1912 Democratic
23 Emerson C. Harrington 1912–1916 Democratic
24 Hugh A. McMullen 1916–1920 Democratic
25 E. Brooke Lee 1920–1922 Democratic
26 William S. Gordy, Jr. 1922–1939 Democratic
27 J. Millard Tawes 1939–1947 Democratic
28 James J. Lacy 1947–1950 Democratic
29 J. Millard Tawes 1950–1959 Democratic
30 Louis L. Goldstein 1959–1998 Democratic
31 Robert L. Swann 1998–1999 Democratic
32 William Donald Schaefer 1999–2007 Democratic
33 Peter Franchot 2007–2023 Democratic
34 Brooke Lierman 2023–present Democratic


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